Sunday, January 4, 2015

a trip to the beach

clearly this blog is a little out of order. but thats okay, we all know its not that interesting anyway. 
i merely put stuff here for my own amusement so if anyone is reading this, my heart goes out to ya.
anyway, after i landed in the states we flew down to florida, two days later, for a mini vacation (yes, i did just get off of a four month vacation).

we spent some time on the beach among all of the "old-folk" that tend to congregate there around this time of year. 

we also got to make a pit stop at harry potter world! unfortunately they have a way of tricking you and making you buy the "park-to-park" pass if you want to see both parts of HP. but we got our butterbeer and we were content with that,

p.s. we are planning a trip to seattle this summer! if anyone out there has any recomendations on where to stay/eat/see or do post in the comments below!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

a video about ravioli

as part of my christmas present we made homemade ravioli together. obviously the food in italy was out of this world so it was nice to bring some of that back to america. we have always enjoyed cooking together but neither of us had ever made pasta from scratch. we followed this recipe and it was delish. 

and here is a little video: