Tuesday, September 16, 2014

my taste buds..

want to share with you what a good time they are having. obviously this post is going to have to happen almost weekly. it is very difficult to not take pictures of every meal. i am very sorry to say that i have no pictures of kebabs on here because HOLY COW KEBABS. some of these go back as far as the first week so i will do my best at trying to remember what they were.

veal and potatoes 
self explanatory: at a wine tasting
pasta and bacon
some type of cream with fruit topping
berry tart
best panini's ever. ever.
"Black Dream" 
pasta with chicken
p i z z a
gelato from one of our favorite places- Gelateria dei Neri
our "dining hall" gives us an insane amount of wine on thursday day nights
fried chicken. unfortunately the only picture i have of this. we all can't stop talking about this chicken.
meatballs and pumpkin soup
gelato from the famous, Vivoli. good gelato but terrible service 
cake with pistachios 
tuna and potatoes 
egg and tomato sauce
fig tart
our favorite place right next door. they have EVERYTHING
cappuccino and cinnamon bun from the pastry shop on campus, Fedora.
Dante's gives free wine to college students. this place is dangerously close to us and conveniently has the best gelato right next door 
another one of our favorites, Arnold Coffee. also known as the "american coffee experience," naturally 
granita from Capri

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