Thursday, August 28, 2014

Highlights from the First Week

we saw a lot of incredible places this week and ate a lot of great food. now that it is coming to an end we are all pretty eager to get to florence and move in. on the last day of rome, we toured the Colosseum and the ancient Roman Forum. after departing rome, we made it to caprarola where we toured the Palazzo Farnese and the gardens. we also went to a nearby farm to sample their homemade nutella and jam (they treat nutella like water here). the next day we toured several gardens including the monster gardens of Bomarzo, and the Tarrot Garden by Niki de Saint Saint Phalle. on sunday we saw some etruscan tombs on the coast and went to bolgheri in the afternoon for wine tasting and lunch. on sunday night we stayed in massime dei mari, a coastal vacation destination for italians. on monday we saw a the incredible floats of the Carnivale and the next day went into the mountains to tour the caves of carrara marble. tomorrow we will be off to florence! here are some highlights from the week
inside the Colosseum
you can see the Arch of Constantine just to the right
Arch of Constantine
Roman Forum
Palazzo Farnese
gardens of Palazzo Farnese
Monster Garden
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one of my favorites- the Tarrot Garden

at the vineyard!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Days in Italy

Ciao from Rome! We landed wednesday morning around 8am after a long flight. after meeting our resident director at the airport, we got on a train and made our way to Rome. we settled into our hotel rooms and wandered around Rome for awhile by ourselves. everyone eats dinner around 9pm here so we went to a cafe for drinks beforehand. dinner was a bit of a jet-lagged struggle. after a few glasses of wine and a giant plate of pasta, we were all falling asleep at the table. real party animals we are! on thursday we woke up and went to the Vatican and into St. Peters Basilica. seeing these places out of our textbooks is completely incredible. after the Vatican we toured around the area for a bit and found our way to the Pantheon (another mouth watering piece of architecture for interior designers). we were all disappointed when we walked by the Trevi fountain to see that it was closed for restoration. i may have to come back just to see it! tomorrow we are off to the Colosseum and Northern Lazio. Ciao!! 
Trajan's Column
gates of the vatican city with the swiss guards 
outside of  St. Peter's 
St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter`s Basilica
The Pantheon
Pre dinner drinks
the second course: potatoes and veal. this followed a massive plate of pasta 

Monday, August 18, 2014

One Day More

it's the last day of summer (sort of) and that means i leave for Italy tomorrow. it still hasn't really hit me that we are leaving and my excitement has been overcome with nerves. however, i know that once i'm on that plane tomorrow, i will be nothing but giddy for what's to come. here are a few of my favorite pictures from this summer (a little out of order). Ciao!
pretty Saratoga

Lake George

my sister and i at her show
how summer should be spent
jack johnson concert at SPAC
at our sibling's granduation
on a stroll through toga after dinner
a pink sky

at the races
one last date night last night

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! i am thankful for the rainy weather that has captured Saratoga this past week. it gave me a chance to pack and do laundry without feeling like I was missing out on being outside in the sunshine. this weekend i am looking forward to being with my extended family (coming in from out of town), packing, and spending my last minutes in Saratoga with my love. have a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Over the Weekend

pit stop on the way to maine
happy monday! i am already terribly missing this past weekend. it was full of good eats, good views, and good company. here are a few photos of my weekend. one more week and then i am off to italia! i am going crazy with packing this week! wish me luck!
vintage finds in a shop in bridgton, maine
walking through the park in bridgton

we did a short hike on friday with pretty views

on the way home we took the Kancamagus highway which goes through the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. there were some serious spectacular views

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pins of the Week

i love this lightweight pink maxi
happy friday! i am currently enjoying a nice relaxing weekend in maine. this past week was my last week of work so monday will bring endless hours of packing (yay?). have a great weekend!
ive always wanted to do a diy clock but this one is definitely top of the this
i am a sucker for rose gold anything