Wednesday, December 31, 2014

some fringe, a video, and an update..

why hello there. its been awhile. i really wanted to keep this blog running [post italy] but clearly that didn't happen. lucky for you (or maybe not) i have decided to put in my wildest effort to make a blog post happen right now. so this is what has been happening around here lately..

1) i departed italy with a sad heart and arrived in america to my LOVE and terrible food (sorry america)

2) we went to florida! (more on this later. maybe)

3) in an effort to keep thing interesting, i chopped my hair and got some fringe action happening around the five-head area. 

4) christmas happened! that was fun. 

5) we (bae and i) (bae? sorry world) made homemade goat cheese and spinach ravioli, italian style. it was delicious. we were also really fancy and go-pro'd it (that's a word i swear) so maybe you'll see a little video in the near future. 

for now, here is a little video of my christmas if you would like to see. 

happy new year!

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