Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Three Great Books

i go through phases between netflix and reading. this summer i have been doing a little of both. recently, i have enjoyed reading mainly nonfiction and memoirs. i read everything on my kindle (and i'm telling, you the kindle was the best invention ever). the books are cheaper and as soon as i'm done with one i can immediately buy the next one. i'm hoping to get a few more books on my list for italy as i do not want to be stuck inside watching netflix all day. here are a few of my favorite books from this year. do you have any good reads to recommend?
i read this book while i was on campus in january and i COULD NOT  put it down. its written by Elizabeth Smart, who was taken from her home in Salt Lake City when she was 14. Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee kept Elizabeth chained in their camp for almost a year. this is the story of how Elizabeth remained hopeful during her abduction and how she was finally freed.
Malala Yousafzai wrote this book about her encounters with the taliban in Pakistan. Fighting for her right for education, she was shot when she was only 15. as a nominee for the nobel peace prize, Malala has traveled the world and become a global symbol of peace.
written by Cea Sunrise Person, North of Normal is the story of how she over came her childhood with her "dysfunctional counter-culture" family. growing up, Cea spent her childhood living in the woods with her family. Her grandfather lead the family to a "pot-smoking, free-loving, clothing-optional life under a canvas tipi without running water, electricity, or heat for the bitter winters." this moving story is about how Cea overcame her childhood through modeling, and found acceptance and strength.

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