Tuesday, November 25, 2014


my parents are here!
it has been so fun showing them around and i am so grateful to have them here. they got here around noon on saturday and i knew it was them when i heard suitcases being rolled down the street and heard my mom say "well i guess this is it!" outside my window. i showed them around florence and we got panini's from pinos for lunch. they were pretty tired so i let them rest for a few minutes before venturing out to apperitivo and gelato. 

on sunday we got up and took the train to venice! we spent the day wandering around the streets and canals and getting lost, obviously. we had pizza for dinner at rossopomodoro. it was amazing. i had a spinach, sausage, and cheese pizza. we were too full to have dinner! 


we watched a beautiful sunset over the grand canal 
just look at that thing!

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