Monday, November 10, 2014

my taste buds..

1. giant hazelnut pretzel at the international food festival
2. i actually have no idea what this is an don't remember eating it
3. celery veloute with glazed artichokes, pine nuts and roast meat sauce
4. honey-glazed baby rooster with thyme-flavored baby potatoes
5. risotto with burrata cheese, sunchoke and truffle scent
6. lime-scented macaroon
7. chocolate hazelnut coffee mousse cake
8. also not sure what this was
9. pesto pasta
10. stuffed red onion
11. wurstel from the international food festival
12. some sort of chocolate cake
13. glazed lamb
14. also some sort of chocolate cake
15. true european "hot chocolate" from hemingway's
16. finally made it to gusta pizza!

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