Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 of my favorite travel apps

this post is procrastination at its finest.
before i came abroad i read tons of blogs about the best travel apps. of course i downloaded all of them and now, with the new ios update i can't figure out how to delete them! so if anyone can help me out that would be great. anyway, i thought i would share my 3 favorite travel apps that i have found most helpful.

this app is seriously cool. you tell it where and how long you're going for, and what activities you'll be doing while you're there and it generates a packing list for you! it bases it on weather, length of travel, and your activities! i found this app after my last trip so i'm excited to test it out for next time.


this is a great app if you're wondering where to go. it even has guides made by the locals so you can skip the tourist stuff. it even works offline so you don't have to go find a wifi spot.


since florence is a walking city, i haven't gotten to use this app yet. BUT this is a great one for anyone in a new city. you can choose a taxi driver and read their background before getting in a cab. each driver is rated by other users so you know exactly who you are getting into a car with.

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