Wednesday, October 8, 2014

my taste buds..

gelato from one of my favorites
MUG. i swear by this palce. it is the best coffee shop for doing homework or just sitting. super nice people too! 
some type of chocolate filled pastry from la cocotte
the duomo from my cappuccino from News Cafe
some type of stuffed oyster from Ganzo
orecchiette pasta with feta cheese
pork and shallots
this was the most amazing chocolate cake in the world. AND it was dairy free!

lasagna from Ristorante Toto
this kind of looks like a jumble of mush but we went to Soul Kitchen the other night for apertivo and it was AMAZING. they had tons of pastas, mac-and-cheese-like-cauliflower, fried eggplant and so so much more. i'm drooling. not to mention their mojitos are out of this world.
the cake we got for Shauna's birthday from the pastry shop on campus! it was a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. however, we are convinced the frosting was 99% butter. 
my pistachio croissant from breakfast this morning. they love their pistachios over here and i am so okay with it.
finally got a bagel from mamas bakery. so yummy and it fulfilled my bagel craving. 

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