Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my taste buds..

as you can clearly tell from this post, my body is currently in a hating me mode from the lack of vegetables this week. i don't think that even made sense. anyway, i'm paying for it now with a heavy cold and a runny nose. i'll be eating my weight in frozen veggies for the next week or so to make up for it. just kidding. i'm completely ignoring the fact that i had a giant piece of dark chocolate cake for dessert last night (see below). okay i'm rambling. goodbye. 

turkish meal in berlin: minced lamb with veggies, bread, and rice
at the prater garden: meatballs and potatoes
curry wurst in berlin
beer with orange soda. it was so good!
nutella muffin in amsterdam
pancake with chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes
apple bacon pancakes
fries from brussels
waffles from brussels
croque monsieur in paris: grilled ham and cheese sandwich with cheese on top
giant chocolate macaroon
raspberry crepe
salted caramel macaroon
coffee flavored regligeuse in paris
shrimp and veggy empanada
churros with chocolate sauce
nutella cupcake in barcelona
coconut and kiwi smoothie from an outdoor market
tapas in barcelona: flat bread pizza, patatas bravas, ham, calamari
back in florence: pasta with veal ragu
goat cheese and veggies
blackberry croissant
dark chocolate cake with raspberries

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