Monday, October 27, 2014


happy monday! i just got back from 10 days of traveling 5 different countries. i'm pretty beat and in need of some serious vegetables. i decided it would be pretty much impossible to do put the entriety of fall break into one post so LUCKY YOU. you now get a million and one posts about fall break. just kidding. probably only three. let's start, shall we?


i left florence on oct. 17 (wow that's a long time ago). after a sixteen hour bus ride (yay) we finally arrived at our hostel in berlin. we grabbed lunch and immediately got back on the bus to head to our walking tour. during the tour we saw the brandenburg gate, jewish memorial, hitler's bunker, checkpoint charlie, and the berlin wall. after the tour, we went straight to the obvious destination, starbucks. we then tried operating the confusing metro system of berlin and got lost several times (our tour guides were no help). we got dinner at a turkish restaurant and explored the city on the way back. we saw different parts of the light show reflected on the gate. we also got a chance to walk through the jewish memorial. walking through this memorial has different effects on everyone. i can definitely say that it makes you feel some serious feels, especially at night. 

on saturday we went to the east side gallery and explored the jewish museum. not only was it an eye opening museum but the overall design of this place was seriously cool and made the designer in me super giddy.just checkout that floor plan! sorry. we had dinner at the famous prater garden before heading back to the hostel. we left berlin on sunday night to head to amsterdam. more on that later!

at the gate
i was so happy to see some foliage! 
jewish memorial

berlin wall
checkpoint charlie (psa: that is not charlie)
berlin wall

east side gallery

jewish museum 

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