Saturday, September 6, 2014

20 things

i am someone who gets really homesick. i guess i'm somewhat of a homebody so being in another country takes some adjusting for me. italy has made me miss a lot of the everyday luxuries i had at home. that being said, there also a lot of things i love about italy that i wanted to implement when into my routine when i get back.

ten things i'm missing
-tea kettles: we only have this fancy coffee steamer thing in the apartment and i have no idea how to use it
-swiffers: when we got here the floors were so gross they turned the bottom of your feet black! i scrubbed them with a towel but now they are back to black.
-mason: obvious
-my porch: this is something i miss at school a lot too. its my favorite spot to read
-changing leaves: there are no trees here!
-not being stared at: walking down the street is seriously sketchy because the men stare at you like they want to eat you. its best to just run when possible.
-my bed: the one here isnt the greatest. but who doesnt miss their own bed?!
-vegetables: ive been looking high and low for asparagus. but for now im on a strict diet of eggs, green beans, and pasta
-singing: always a given
-coby: sorry i had to. but its true

ten things i love
-the people above us: someone up there gives music lessons and if youre in the kitchen during the day you can hear a viola or two
-fresh markets: the closest "grocery store" to us is an indoor market and it is cheap and glorious. the only problem is it closes at 2.
-the cafe next door: one of the best and cheapest gelato. they also have killer cannolis. did i mention its right next door?
-windows: i just love the windows. they dont believe in screens here so you good jump out if you really wanted. not to mention they are huge!
-italian schedule: i didnt think i was going to like the whole dinner at 9pm thing but its actually great. you have so much more time during the day! plus most days i cheat and eat at 7:30
-skype: thanks, technology
-the duomo: supper touristy of me but everytime i see that giant thing i want to cry
-secret bakeries: more on this later
-walking: everywhere! i walk so much im so tired by the end of the day. i guess that happens when you live in a city

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