Monday, September 22, 2014

yopo: PRAGUE only prague once.

i now understand why they call Prague a fairy tale city. between the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and Prague Castle you constantly fee like youre stepping out of a scene from Harry Potter. 
after a long 14 hour bus ride, we finally arrived in Prague around 11:30am on Friday. we stay at the Czech Inn which is considered one of the best hostels in europe. we ate a delicious breakfast in their basement bar before departing for our walking tour. at this point, we have been on too many walking tours to count. but with our tour guide, Isaac, i would go on this same tour again and again. i cannot begin to describe how hilarious this human being is other then to show you this video. there are countless youtube videos of him so clearly im not the only one. i cannot stress enough how important it is to get this tour guide if you go to Prague. ANYWHO
we went to dinner at U Bulinu and sat in their beer garden. maybe i'm just really sick of pasta but the food in Prague is amazing. the beer is fantasic, you get bread dumplings with pretty much every meal, and the street food is to die. after dinner our tour guides took us on a pub crawl and we ended up in an underground bar. 

i forgot to mention: isaac brought us to STARBUCKS. finally got my pumpkin spice latte
old town square
old town square
clock tower
the jewish quater prague
old town sqaure
we stopped here after Isaac's tour

beef sirloin with cream sauce, cranberry sauce and bread dumplings
on saturday, our tour guides took us on another tour. we fed some swans and saw the lennon wall. we had a group lunch complete with soup, beef, apple crumble, and of course beer. after lunch we went on a tour of  Prague Castle. we ended the tour with a trip to starbucks of course. we ended the day by crossing the Charles Bridge and exploring Prague. we got food at multiple food stands including cinnamon rolls, sausages, and crepes. 

at the John Lennon Wall
i was so excited to see leaves on the ground
soup at lunch

i got the same meal i had the night before because it was so good

Prague Castle

Old Town Square
cinnamon roll
on sunday we got up early and went to Oktoberfest in Munich. we were only there for a couple of ours but we managed to drink beer, eat a giant preztel, sausage and chocolate covered bananas. i think we were pretty accomplished. 

the beer garden we went into

this weekend was one for the books and i was terribly sad to see it go. four more weeks until fall break but for now i am happy to be spending the next few weekends at home in florence.

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