Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Around Florence

we have been in florence for a week now and we are all settled in. we have found the closest gelato to our apartment, discovered the best iced coffee in florence (italians don't really drink that stuff. weird, i know!!), went to a really cool (but also sort of sketchy) club called Space, and signed up for a gym! (please don't ask) while we are finding our way around, i miss a lot about the comforts of home. whenever i need something, i'm used to going to one convenience store to find everything (RIP, Target). however, it is a little bit harder here as each store is designated to certain items. spending money is also becoming an issue as we all want to try everything and eat everything (trying to save major mula over here, people). thinking about being here for four months makes me crazy nervous and brings an overwhelming mix of emotions but i know they will have to drag me kicking and screaming when it is time to leave. 
if anyone wants to send me letters, or packages ;) (i'm in dire need of slippers, wink wink) just ask for my address! i promise you will get a postcard in return! 
on our first night we went to MaMMaMia's (naturally) and i shoveled this giant pizza in my face
we also tried All' Antico Vinaio, a famous and amazing panini place. all the panini's are bigger then my head and it's only 5 euro for your choice of any toppings. every time we walk by im dying to get another one. i can't wait to take my parents when they visit.
i pass through my favorite piazza almost everyday, Piazza Della Republica, which makes me want to run around singing "a light in the piazza" all over the square. it is especially incredible at night when the live bands are out and the carousel is lit up. we rode it the other day. it went a whopping 1.5 mph. WOO
the place right next door sells these babies along with amazing gelato. super dangerous. 
i am lucky enough to live 20 minutes away from campus. every morning i get to explore the quiet streets or taking a nice walk along the Arno River. you can see the Ponte Vecchio in this. 
okay okay. so this is not the view from my apartment. but it is a view from one of our friends. every time i go in there i have to steel a picture of the amazing view

last night we went to Ganzo, the "dining hall" on campus. but let me tell you this place is amazing. we have 140 points for the semester and each meal here is 2-3 points so guess where i'm going every night?! every dish is prepared by the culinary students and they are all to die. and they all look so pretty! you can check out the menu here.
Santa Maria Novella. this is right near our apartment and right in front of the train station. 
one of my favorite things is hearing the horse and buggies outside our window

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