Monday, September 15, 2014

The Amalfi Coast

this weekend was spent in the beautiful Amalfi Coast. we packed the night before as our bus was leaving right after our italian class got out on thursday. we arrived in Sorrento around 2:30am and after some room confusion, went right to sleep. the hotel was definitely a stretch for even a 2 star hotel but it was fine for a few nights. on Friday morning we took a ferry to Capri. we took a boat ride around the island where we found out the we wouldn't be going to the Blue Grotto. I'm not gonna lie I was a little very heart broken. we took a funicular railway up to Capri Town on the other side of the island and walked down to the water. it was so warm! the waves were really rough so it was hard to stay in for very long. on the way back we stopped for a limoncello tasting and got dinner at the hotel.

Capri from the top of the island
Marina Piccola, the beach we swam at and ate lunch
sipping on Granitas. the amalfi coast is famous for their lemons (they are the size of my head) so capri is the best place to get a Granita. Granitas are basically slushy that originated in Sicily. 
touring around the island of capri
on saturday we went to Positano. this was mostly a relaxing day at the beach. we walked around to different shops, got lunch, layed on the beach, and got drinks at a local bar. we got dinner at the hotel again and walked down to the main street of Sorrento to get some much needed gelato.

laying on the beach at Positano. the waves were to rough to go in very often
walking down to the beach
on sunday, we checked out of the hotel and drove to Mt. Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed Pompeii. the bus dropped us off almost all of the way up so it was a short (but steep) hike up the rest of the volcano. we then drove to Pompeii and got lunch. a few of us went off on our own and found a pizza place that made your pizza in a brick oven right in front of you. it was the best pizza ive had since ive been here. we toured pomeii for an hour before heading back to florence. 

once in awhile, i remember to take these kinds of pictures for my mom so she knows im alive
it was hard to get a good picture at the top. it was so big!
i am off to Prague this weekend where i will be touring a concentration camp, a castle, and Oktoberfest. however it is a 12 hour bus ride so wish me luck!

p.s a package from my family arrived today complete with slippers, pirates booty, and oatmeal. its the little things!

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