Tuesday, September 30, 2014


when we drove through tuscany for the first time (seven SEVEN weeks back) it was nothing but flat land full of fields and fields of dead sunflowers. i think we all had a mini heart attack of "oh no! pinterest lied!" so when we got to chianti we were pretty stoked to see the picturesque rolling hills of tuscanny. 
chianti is where they make chianti wine. just trying to keep you all educated. 
anyway we took an hour bus ride to chianti and began the day with a two hour hike through some vineyards. we got to steal some grapes off of the vines. they were the best grapes i have ever had, naturally. so it was fine when our very attractive tour guide, in all of his italian-ness, looked at me and said "you are a grape stealer." after the hike we had lunch and wine tasting at the villa of the Sassolini Familiy. We had pasta, prosciutto, salami, and white beans. We had two types of red wine, chianti classico and a merlot mix, a white wine, a dessert wine and grappa. i bought two bottles to take back home as gifts. hopefully i don't drink them before my flight. 

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