Monday, September 29, 2014

bringing fall to florence

i miss fall in new england a whole bunch. its one of those things you don't realize you love so much until its gone (oh wow emotional). apple picking, pumpkins, and apple cider doughnuts just aren't a thing here. not to mention sweater weather isn't really happening yet (its still around 80 degrees everyday). that's not to say i don't love florence in the fall (because i really really do a whole bunch). cider doughnuts have been replaced with chocolate filled bombolone (you're welcome) and apple picking has turned into crisp evening walks around the city. not to shabby.
deprived of fall desserts, we decided to solve this problem by making apple crisp. which brings me to the point of this post. just kidding there is no point other then the fact that i want to remember this apple crisp forever and ever. even though we burnt the bottom (#italianovenprobs), the smell of fall wafting through my apartment almost brought real tears to my eyes. i'm not kidding. have a nice day.

i'm also blaming the burnt-ness on the cheap ikea pan

typical white girls 
thanks for the slippers ma&pa

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