Thursday, September 18, 2014


i thought it would be appropriate to have en entire post dedicated to nothing but kebabs. if you are studying abroad in europe and having a serious chipotle withdrawl, i highly suggest you run to the nearest kebab shop near you. coming from the middle east, these babies are packed full with vegetables, meat, french fries, falafels, or whatever kind of humble jumble your prefer. in europe, "doner kebab" refers to sliced meat served in a pita (thanks wikipedia). we prefer ours in wrap form (much healthier, right?!) also, how great is it that they are only 3.50 euro! any who, here are some sub par pictures of these famous kebabs that you should all consider framing.   

the goods. always get spicy, people. always spicy.
the meat. usually lamb or beef.
shaving the meat

true life: we are addicted to kebabs

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